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 Seventh Sunday of Easter

This Sunday, we remember the mystery that Jesus went away but he would always be with us.  


The disciples were in Jerusalem, they gathered in their room and Jesus was with them.  They had so many questions to ask Jesus.  They were really wondering what would come next.   Would there be a new kingdom?  Jesus did not answer their questions. 

He led them out of the room and through the streets.  They went beyond the walls of Jerusalem to a hillside near Bethany. Jesus stopped and they gathered around him.  He lifted up his hands, looking at each one, and blessed them.  And then he left them and a cloud took him out of sight. The disciples stood looking into the sky until someone said, “Why are you looking up into the sky?” 

There were two men standing there dressed in white.  The disciples felt silly.  What were they doing looking up into the sky for what they could no longer see?  The strangers answered their question.  “This was Jesus.  He is gone now, as you have known him.”

Then the disciples went back to Jerusalem.  Now they had to wait for the Holy Spirit.           When would it come?                                                                                                                    How would they know it arived?                                                                                                  How long would they have to wait for the Holy Spirit to come?