In typical St. Francis fashion, we are helping to make each other's spirits bright this Christmas season by sharing a little bit of ourselves through these photos!

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Margie's St. Francis Christmas display on her dining room table. Oh, if tables could talk! How many happy meals with humor and wonderful conversations have taken place here!!

Dawn's & John's way of lighting up their lives . . . & our lives too!

Maybe St. Francis will ask Carol & Tony if their Christmas Mouse Choir can join the Friday Hymn-a-Long's! See? They already have their sheet music!

In the late 70's, Claudia's Grandma bought her a kit to crochet & embroider the nativity figures. In the late 80's, a craftsman had a 'booth' at the Trumbull mall selling the barn which was just the perfect size!

O Tannenbaum! The lovely branches and decorations of Cynthia's & John's tree.

Cynthia's & John's cat is patiently waiting for presents . . . catnip maybe?

Using FaceTime, Patricia & her granddaughter created the layout of these wonderful scenes using many items that were 'donated' by Betsy! They've been busy!

And here's another scene ala Patricia. She & her granddaughter have invented Christmas bunnies! (They didn't want to wait until Easter . . .)

These are some of the special Christmas decorations handed down to Mary S. O'D from her Mom. They are probably 50+ years old.  Cherished memories of Mary and her family.

More vintage decorations from Mary S. O'D.

And Mary S. O'D's tree adorned with more memories . . .

The Historic Church in the warmth of the sun with the beauty of the snow!

Enveloped in the peace of night, the Historic Church gives us its own glow.

And its interior is as inviting . . .

The Church is prepared for Christmas - rejoice!

This is the welcoming wreath on Eleanor & Harry's home!

Aleta's door also gives us a warm welcome!

Aleta's lovely tree waits inside!

Decorations to gladden our hearts!

Albert & Jessica gave us such Advent happiness by baptizing their youngest son . . . so many smiles!

Recently, Jessica received this gorgeous nativity set in the mail! Her mom collected rocks from where she lives in Colorado and hand painted each rock! As a Mom of 3 boys, Jessica particularly likes that they are indestructible . . . 

Here is Michele recording the Advent Godly Play for December 20th.

Jane & Rich took time from shoveling & decorating to wish fellow St. Francis Parishioners a blessed Christmas!

Jane & Rich's cat, Captain Carter, also sends a 'Meow' for the holidays!

Sue & Tom's Christmas tree in the glow of the fire!

Looks like Beazie & Michael have a great place to get warm & read a good book . . .

After Alice Smith's passing, Rich and Jane went to the Barlett Arboretum & bought an Alice Smith Memorial Birdfeeder. They added two others shortly thereafter. Alice's memory is indeed kept alive - her love of nature & especially bird watching.

Lastly, David's photo gives us light in the 'woods' providing a moment of solitude & hope.