Jesus in the Wilderness


This story is in the desert. So many important things happened in the desert that we need a small piece of it, so we know what it is like.

The desert is a strange and wild place. At night it is very cold, but in the day it is burning hot. There is almost no water at all. The desert is always changing.

Jesus was led by the Spirit of God into the desert. For forty days and forty nights, he stayed alone in the desert …talking to God … and wondering which way he should go.

Jesus had been in the desert a very long time, and he had nothing to eat. He was very hungry.

The evil one came to Jesus and said, “If you really are the special Son of God, turn these stones into bread.”

Jesus said, “The scripture says, ‘We need more than bread to live. We must also do what God says.’”

Then, the evil one came to Jesus a second time and took him to Jerusalem, the holy city of God. Here the evil one set Jesus on the highest point of the Temple.

The evil one said, “If you are really the special Son of God, prove it. Throw yourself down, for the scripture says,  ‘God will send angels to save you.’”

Jesus wondered … If angels saved him, everyone would know he was special, and they would follow him. Then Jesus said. “No! The scripture says, ‘You should not tempt the Lord your God.’”

Then the evil one came to Jesus a third time and took him to a very high mountain.

“Look,” said the evil one, “Here are all the nations of the world. Look how wonderful they are. I will give all of them to you, if you will worship me.”

It would be wonderful to be the king of all these nations. Jesus wondered. Then Jesus said, “No! Go away, Satan!   The scripture says, ‘You shall worship God only.’”

The evil one left Jesus. And Jesus was filled with the Spirit of God. Jesus returned safely home.

And in the power of the Holy Spirit, Jesus began to tell anyone who would listen about a special kingdom, the Kingdom of God.


I wonder what part of this story you like best?

I wonder what part of this story is most important?


The Lord be with you! This Sunday is the Seventh Sunday of Epiphany, and the color is green.

Before Jesus started his work, he went into the desert to pray and get ready. The Holy Spirit led him to the desert and was with him.

This story is about Jesus and the Evil One. Jesus was tempted, but He did what God said to do. He was strong.

Have a good week. Be safe.

I miss you!