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Jesus and the Storm


This story is in the Sea of Galilee. And this sea is a bit like the desert. It can be a dangerous place.  

The sea can be wonderful and strange … When the wind blows the sea becomes very rough and wild.   And when the wind is calm the sea is peaceful and still.  

Once when Jesus was teaching beside the sea, so many people cam to listen to him that he had to get into a boat to teach.  

He taught all day. When evening came, he was very tired. “Let us sail across the sea,” he said.  

So Jesus and several of his friends got into the boat and sailed on the sea. Jesus fell asleep.  

Suddenly a strong wind began to blow.  

The sea became very rough and wild. Waves beat the boat.  

It began filling with water.  

Jesus was still sleeping. “Wake up!” the friends cried. “We are drowning! Don’t you care?” Jesus got up.  

He said to the wind. “Peace be still!” He said to the sea, “Peace be still!’ And the wind became peaceful and still. And there was a great calm.  

“Why are you afraid?” Jesus asked. “Have you no faith? I am with you.” They were amazed and wondered. “Who is this person? Even the wind and the sea do what he says.”  

I wonder what part of this story you like best?  

I wonder what part of this story is most important?  

The Lord be with you!  

This Sunday is First Sunday in Lent and the color changes to purple. Lent is the time for getting ready for the Mystery of Easter. Purple is the color of kings and something is going to happen to Jesus, the King.  

During Lent we are all on a journey to Jerusalem. We will follow Jesus. We will read and hear about the wonderful things He says and the amazing things He does.   T

his week’s story is about Jesus calming the sea.   I am away in Canada so there will be no video tape of the story this week.  

Have a good week. Be safe.   I miss you!