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The Shepherd and His Flock

Fifth Sunday of Easter

This Sunday we are remembering that Jesus is the Good Shepherd.


Once there was someone who said such amazing things and did such wonderful things that people began to follow him.  But they didn’t know who he was.  So one day they simply had to ask him, and he said…

“I am the Good Shepherd.  I know each one of my sheep by name.

And they know the sound of my voice.  So when I call my sheep from the sheepfold, they follow me.

I walk in front of the sheep to show them the way.

I show them the way to the good green grass… I show them the way to the cool, clear, still water.

And when there are places of danger… I show them the way to pass through…so they can come safely home to the sheepfold."

I wonder if you have ever heard the Good Shepherd say your name?      

The Lord be with you!

We are still in the season of Easter and the color is white.  After Easter, the disciples are learning to know Jesus in a new way. In this week’s story, Jesus tells us that He is the Good Shepherd. (John chapter 10:11-16)

In the Gospel of John, we learn to know of Jesus in a new way. We hear that Jesus is the light (John 8:12), He is the bread of life (John 6:35), He is the vine (John 15:1).  Jesus is the way, and the truth, and the life (John 14:5).

We can begin to think of Jesus in a new way, and to understand that He will always be with us.

We are meeting on Sunday mornings for Sunday School, you are welcome to join us.  You will need a mask.  Have a good week.

Be well!  Be safe!