The Good Shepherd and the Wolf

Fifth Sunday of Easter

This Sunday we continue the Story of the Good Shepherd.   


“I am the Good Shepherd.  I know each one of my sheep by name. And they know the sound of my voice. 

So when I call my sheep from the sheepfold, they follow me. I walk in front of the sheep to show them the way. I show them the way to the good green grass… I show them the way to the cool, clear, still water. And when there are places of danger… I show them the way to pass through…so they can come safely home to the sheepfold. I count each one of my sheep as they go inside. 

And if any is missing, I would go anywhere to look for the lost sheep. Through the green grass… by the still water…calling my sheep by name, even in the places of danger. 

And when I find the lost sheep… I carry it home even if it is very heavy and I am very tired. When all my sheep are safe inside.  I am so happy.  But I can’t be happy all by myself, so I call all my friends, and we have a great feast,” This is the ordinary shepherd.  

When the ordinary shepherd takes the sheep from the sheepfold, the ordinary shepherd does not walk in front of the sheep to show them the way.  So, the sheep wander and scatter. When the wolf comes…the ordinary shepherd runs away. But the Good Shepherd… stands between the wolf and the sheep and even gives his life for the sheep…so the sheep can return safely home.    

I wonder if the wolf has even come close to you?      

The Lord be with you!

We are still in the season of Easter and the color is white.  After Easter, the disciples are learning to knowing Jesus in a new way. This story is one of the parables in a gold box. 

We find this story in Matthew 18:12-14, Luke 15:4-7 and John10:1-18.   We also hear the words of this story in Psalm 23 in the Old Testament.  I am sending you a little sheep to put in your gold parable box.

I am home from Canada and there will be a video of this story. 

I hope we can be together soon.  I miss you. Be well!  Be safe!