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Walking on Water

 The Lord be with you!  

This Sunday is Pentecost Thirteen and the color is green, but I am using blue paper for this week’s Water Story.   This story is from the New Testament of the Bible. The New Testament tells stories about Jesus. Once again, the water is scary. It starts out calm and suddenly a great wind stirs up the sea. The disciples were afraid, but God was with them. And Jesus was with them.  

This story is in Matthew 14:22-32.  

I wonder what water really means?   Have a good week. Be safe.   I miss you!        


Jesus was alone. He went into the mountains by himself. The disciples boarded a ship and began to sail over the Sea of Galilee to Capernaum. Suddenly a great wind began to blow, and the sea became rough, with huge, frightening waves. The disciples were a long way from land and in great danger. Then they saw someone walking toward them on top of the rough seas. They were terrified, and thought it was a ghost.  

“Don’t be frightened,” Jesus shouted. “It’s only me.” “If it’s really you, Master,” said Peter, “tell me to walk on the water, too.”   “All right, then, walk toward me,” said Jesus.  

Peter got out of the ship and started walking on the water toward Jesus. But the wind blew hard, and he was frightened. He couldn’t stay on top of the water and began to sink. “Lord, save me,” Peter called out. Jesus put out his hand and caught Peter.  

“You didn’t have enough faith,” he said, “Why did you begin to doubt? You could have gone on.”  

When they got back into the ship, the wind stopped blowing, and they were safe.