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Advent 3 The Shepherds

   The Lord be with you! This Sunday is the third Sunday of Advent and the color is blue.

During Advent we are all on a journey to Bethlehem.  On the first Sunday the Prophets show us the way.  They tell us ‘Something incredible is going to happen in Bethlehem”.  

On the second Sunday, Mary and Joseph show us the way. They must have been the last people coming up the road to Bethlehem that night. This week it is the Shepherds who were watching their sheep that night, who show us the way to Bethlehem.  The candle this week is pink, the color of roses.  To remind us of the great joy the angles sang of. Have a good week.  Be safe. I miss you!


On the third Sunday in Advent, we remember the shepherds who were standing in the fields around Bethlehem keeping watch over their sheep.  They were trying to stay awake so the wolves could not come and get their sheep.  Suddenly there was so much light in the sky that it hurt their eyes.

They were afraid.  Their hearts were beating so loudly.  When they could hear something besides their own hearts, they thought they heard singing in the sky!  That also scared them until they heard the words of the song.  The angels were singing “Do not be afraid.”  

Angels often say that, because it is scary to have a messenger of God come to you. The angels singing sounded something like this: “Do not be afraid.  We bring you tidings of great joy.  Peace on earth and good will to everyone.  A Child is born.  Go. Hurry.  Run to Bethlehem to see the Child who will change everything.”

This week we have the pink candle and the light of the shepherds.   Sit back and think about the shepherds as they run to Bethlehem to see the Child who will change everything.