The Presentation of Jesus at the Temple

Baby Jesus Is Presented to God
After Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Mary his mother and Joseph his father went to the Temple in Jerusalem to present Jesus to God.
Now many, many years ago God had promised to send a special child called the Christ. Year after year people waited for this gift. They would go to the Temple and ask God to send the promised Christ, who would set them free.
Simeon was one of those who was waiting.
God had said to Simeon, “I promise you that before you die, you will see the Christ.
Then one day the Holy Spirit said to Simeon, “Go to the Temple.”
It was the same day Mary and Joseph were presenting Jesus to God.
When Simeon saw the baby, he knew Jesus was the promised Christ. He held Jesus in his arms and thanked God, saying:
“Now you are letting me go in peace.
My eyes have seen your salvation,
A light for the whole world.”
Now there was a prophet named Anna.
Anna never left the temple. Night and day, she worshipped God, praying and fasting, waiting and waiting for the promised Christ. And now she was very old.
When Anna saw the baby, she knew he was the promised Christ. “Thank you, God,” She prayed. And Anna went to tell those who were waiting. “The long-expected Christ is born.”
“The promised Christ is here.
Jesus the Christ has come,
Jesus the Christ, the light for the whole world.”
I wonder how it feels to hold this baby?
I wonder what part of the story is most important?
I wonder what part you like best?

The Lord be with you!
This Sunday is the First Sunday of Epiphany and the color is green. We use green for the Sundays we call ordinary time, and right now we have lots of ordinary time. But there are also times that are so special we call them Mysteries, and we use different colors to remind us that we have to get ready. The next special time will be the Mystery of Easter, and when the color change you will know it is time to get ready. It will be the season of Lent.
We will have some stories about Jesus during these next weeks and maybe a story or two about Saints. And then it will be time for Lent. The time for getting ready for the Mystery of Easter.
Have a good week. Be safe.
I miss you!