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Sermon Notes

Road to Emmaus

   Third Sunday of Easter The Lord be with you!

This is the season of Easter, when we celebrate the mystery that Jesus died and that God made him alive again.  It is a time of knowing Jesus in a new way, and the color is white. This week’s story is found in the Gospel of Luke chapter 24: 13-35.  


Today we remember, how two of Jesus’ followers slowly walked on the road to Emmaus from Jerusalem. They were very sad.  Jesus had died. 

They had hoped he would be a king. “Why did Jesus have to die?' they said.  “Why did Jesus die?” … Then someone came and walked with them. He told them why Jesus died. And when they reached the house in Emmaus, they said to the stranger, “Stay with us.” They sat at the table. 

The man took the bread… and blessed it and broke it and gave it to them. Then they knew who he was.  He was Jesus. 

Jesus was alive!  Jesus was risen from the dead! Then Jesus left. They were so happy that Jesus was alive, they couldn’t help but go back to Jerusalem and tell the disciples. “Jesus is alive! 

He is risen! The Lord is risen indeed! I wonder how they knew the person was Jesus?