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This Sunday is the day of Pentecost, when we remember how God gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit.


After Jesus went away, the people of God were in Jerusalem… to celebrate the great thanksgiving feast called Pentecost or Shavuot (as it is known in Hebrew).  The people came from every country. Jesus’ friends were in Jerusalem too. They were gathered in their room and they were still waiting for the gift God promised to send, the gift of the Holy Spirit. Suddenly a sound like a mighty wind filled the whole room. 

And what looked like flames of fire came to rest on them.  And they were filled with the Holy Spirit. They were so excited. 

They went out to the streets. They began to tell the amazing things God did.  They told people about Jesus… and that God raised Jesus from the dead. The people from all the different countries could understand them.  Each heard it in their own language. They were amazed, and they asked, “What does this mean?  What should we do?” Peter, the apostle said…

”Change your ways…

Be baptized…

You will be washed clean and new.

And you will receive the Holy Spirit.

God’s promise is for you…and your children, and for everyone God calls.”