Mark Lingle

The Rev. Mark Lingle began his ministry at St. Francis in July, 2002. He was born in Park Rapids, MN, and raised on a farm. He studied at West Point Military Academy and completed his undergraduate work at Concordia College, MN. A Lutheran Bible Backpacking Camp was a key experience that led him to the ministry. He achieved his Masters of Divinity degree at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN, in 1992. Mark has served parishes in MT, and CT. Beyond St. Francis, Mark is actively involved in the interfaith community and various non-profit initiatives in Stamford.

Mark is married to Marnie Sadlowsky, and they enjoy life together with their dogs. Mark's interests include running, biking, hiking, playing pickleball, skiing, reading and movies.


Given St. Francis' commitment to diversity and the variety of religious voices available in the Stamford community, we often invite guest preachers to provide their spiritual perspective. Rabbi Jay TelRav and Rabbi Joshua Hammerman, Baptist ministers, Dawn Snell and Michael Hyman, as well as The Rev. Winton Hill and Deacon Edrice Veichweg are a few of those who have shared their wisdom with St. Francis.  These diverse offerings provide spiritual 'food' for the congregation's soul, they encourage our growth, and we are blessed by their messages!


The vestry is the leadership board of the parish, with representation of the church community. Meetings are monthly, beginning with a reflective prayer service, and focus on committee reports, projects and budget.

Current Vestry members are: Suzanne Stevens & Nancy Bissett, Wardens; John Coff, Treasurer; Audrey Roco, Clerk; Bruce Baiter, Joe Bilotti, Tim Butler, Michael Carroll, Joseph Cornacchia, Emily Decker, Anne Leonhardt, Andrea Martinez, Anthony Pramberger, and Aleta Shipley.